Universal and SyFy

While they’re usually more concerned with making wacky, low budget, made-for-TV sci-fi films, it looks like SyFy Ventures is ready to step up their game. Today the long-running science fiction channel announced a partnership with Universal Pictures to launch SyFy Films, a company that will create films for theatrical release to be distributed by Universal. Sticking to the usual genres of sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural and horror the new banner is looking to deliver two films every year starting in 2012. Like the rest of you, I’m hoping these films will be far superior to SyFy’s usual film content like Sharktopus and Mega Snake. Read on!

SyFy president Dave Howe and executive vice president of programming Mark Stern said: “We know there is an incredible consumer appetite for genre content as proven by the top grossing box office films. Partnering our brand with the theatrical talent of Universal Pictures, a premier motion picture company, will allow us to exploit our combined expertise and resources to create commercially successful, quality films that have the potential to become great franchises for the whole company.” Because if there’s one thing we need, it’s more franchises. In all seriousness, it will be nice to have another company dedicated to all things sci-fi, horror and fantasy. I hope they deliver content well above their usual standards for film. How about you?