Total Film’s 101 Best Movies Of All Time iPad app has been launched.

To compile this iPad app, we trawled through our entire back catalogue of issues – that’s 13 years worth! – and picked out all of the five-star reviews in search of our top movies.

We’ve selected our 101 favourite five star-movies, and the app gives you the full lowdown on each entry.

As well as Total Film’s official review, there’s also information on the movie’s cast and crew.

We’ve also included links to buy the titles online, so if you fancy spending some of your Christmas money in the January sales, you can purchase your favourites for yourself.

To buy the app, search for ‘101 Best Movies’ or ‘Total Film’ in the Apple App Store, or click here (if you are a UK user) or click here (if you are a US user).

If you have any questions regarding the app, simply head to our support and FAQ page.