Minghella / Wright

Fresh off playing the Winklevi’s right hand man and one of the many legal opponents for Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, actor Max Minghella, song of the late director Anthony Minghella has landed another promising role. Deadline reports that the actor will play the role of Ben Harper in George Clooney’s political drama The Ides of March, an adaptation of the stage play Farragut North. In addition, The Daily Mail (via The Playlist) adds that Jeffrey Wright, who co-starred with Cloooney in Syriana in 2005, has landed an unspecified role. The promising adaptation will likely be one hell of an awards contender next season.

The two actors join a stellar cast which already includes Clooney himself along with Ryan Gosling in the lead role as a young, idealistic communications director working for a fast-rising presidential candidate who falls prey to backstabbing and other trickery from his rivals. Clooney will play the campaigning candidate with Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood as well. If Clooney can capture just a fraction of the brilliance he illustrated behind the camera with Good Night, and Good Luck, then I think we’re in for quite a fantastic film. This is definitely a project we’ll continue following closely. What do you think?